‘7 years in prison’: Maneka Gandhi seeks Elvish Yadav’s ‘immediate arrest’ in snake venom case.

'7 years in prison': Maneka Gandhi seeks Elvish Yadav's 'immediate arrest' in snake venom case.

'7 years in prison': Maneka Gandhi seeks Elvish Yadav's 'immediate arrest' in snake venom case.

Elvish Yadav, a popular YouTuber and social media influencer who was arrested for using snake venom at rave parties, has refuted all claims. In an Instagram video posted on Friday, the Bigg Boss OTT winner stated that he will fully assist with the police investigation and is willing to “take responsibility” if proven guilty.

He denied all claims, saying, “All these accusations of me being arrested for substance consumption or acquisition are false.” I am willing to work with the Noida police and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. If I am found to be even 0.1% involved in this, I am willing to accept blame.

Meanwhile, Maneka Gandhi, a BJP MP and former Union minister whose NGO People for Animals (PFA) filed a complaint against Elvish, demanded his immediate arrest. “This is a wildlife crime, a grade 1 crime, seven years in prison.” When their venom is extracted, king cobras die. Their venom is used to digest food. They can’t consume anything without the venom, so they die. The country has very few cobras and pythons. It is illegal to acquire, catch, or use them,” she told ANI. Elvish, according to Maneka, exploits endangered snake species in his videos.

According to the lawsuit, Elvish was contacted by People for Animals and requested to organize a rave party and obtain snake venom. He provided them the name of Rahul (one of the arrested suspects), who had arrived at the location with the venom.

So far, five people have been arrested. Police identified those detained as Rahul (32), Teetunath (45), Jaikaran (50), Narayan (50), and Ravinath (45), all members of Moharband hamlet in southeast Delhi’s Badarpur.

Arun Kumar Saxena, the UP Forest Minister, stated that legal action will be taken against anyone found guilty, whether a superstar or a normal man. On Thursday night, Noida police raided the rave party and recovered venomous snakes, including five cobras, as well as snake venom. Snake venom is being used as a psychoactive drug in rave parties. The recreational use of snake venom is regarded exceedingly harmful and potentially life-threatening.

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